Your Guide to Beekeeping in Miami, Florida

Bees and Beekeeping in Miami, Florida


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The benefits of backyard beekeeping are numerous. Not only do bees produce honey, their services of crop pollination are essential for Florida's many fruits and vegetables.

Honey bees visit many plants during a trip out of the hive, they help spread the pollen of important fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, beans and cucumbers.

There are numerous products that can be derived from beekeeping. These products include honey, pollen, royal jelly, bees wax and propolis. The health benefits that can be harvested from these natural resources are quite amazing.

  • Bees are fun!

  • Bees are socialable!

  • Bees are hardworkers!

For more information on bees and beekeeping in South Florida contact Pablo Espinosa .